A career path that actually
takes you places.

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Your work world is more than just a job. Ideally, it’s a pursuit of happiness. ChargeItPro specializes in integrated payment processing, but we put people first. Here, taking care of business means doing right by our customers—and our crew (hopefully, that means you soon too).

This is where high-tech meets high-touch. From the products we deliver to the clients we serve to the people we employ, our goal is to make life a little better for everyone we come into contact with. It’s what sets us apart—and sets you up for success. Sound like a place you’d like to work? Check out our job listings below—and apply now to be part of our team.

ChargeItPro logo markVision Statement

At ChargeItPro, we know what we stand for, because we put it in writing. At ChargeItPro:

  • We’re dedicated to making it crazy easy.
  • We do the right thing, even when no one’s looking.
  • We care about and celebrate people.
  • We create healthy and productive relationships.

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Rose C.

Director of Partner Relations

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ChargeItPro Story

Kaitlynn Vincent

Sales Assistant

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