Incredibly flexible

Our secure technology allows your customers to easily process a transaction, from any platform and from any network domain.

Here’s how it works:

1: Initiate Transaction

Start a credit card transaction from your application—on a desktop, cloud or mobile environment—using our Javascript or REST API calls.

2: Device Prompts

Using a controller, ChargeItPro’s secure cloud technology will launch the transaction on your remote EMV terminal.

3: Results Sent

Transaction results are securely returned to your application.


Easily integrated

Cloud Solutions is easily implemented within your software solution via simple REST or Javascript Libraries.


We keep partner applications out of scope of PCI PA-DSS. Sensitive card data is always isolated from card product.

OS agnostic

The calling application and integration method are OS agnostic.

Take it for a spin

Because everyone loves free samples.

RESTful Endpoints


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About us

Local business owners are our heroes. These hard-workers are the fabric of our communities. We exist to support our heroes to succeed through technology designed to save them time, hassle, and money.