The payment integration designed to fit your software

Emergepay is our latest and greatest payment integration. This multi-interface integration is simple, fast, OS and platform agnostic, with an easy-to-use web API.

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Emergepay was designed to fit the needs of software developers and allow them to choose the payment interface that fits their software best.

Choose the interface that fits your software best

Three different interface options provide you with the flexibility to control the look and feel of your integration.



A simple and sleek pop-up window embedded onto the payment page.



An inline frame that embeds the payment form directly onto the payment page.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Add individual form fields to a payment page to handle sensitive credit card data with full control over the UX.

Provide your users with a simplified payment experience

Eliminating the user’s need to have multiple payment platforms to accept a payment, creates a better, more convenient experience. Offer your users more by having them do less.

  • 24/7 user support
  • Securely process payments
  • Remove unnecessary processes
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Customize your payment integration

Emergepay is currently available in three simple payment integrations designed to fit the specific needs or preferences of your software.


Out-of-scope simplicity.

No sensitive data is hosted on developer or merchant servers, keeping it out of PCI scope and alleviating your liability.


Fast transactions

Emergepay is our fastest payment integration yet. Save your users time by allowing them to process more payments, even faster.

Getting started with Emergepay is easy

After contacting us, a dedicated relationship manager will work directly with you to ensure you have a smooth integration and your users have a seamless payment experience.

Get the most out of your software with emergepay

Fast. Scalable. Flexible. Designed to meet the needs of your software and the people who rely on it.

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