Widely used throughout the world, EMV is the global standard for secure transactions, which is replacing the swipe-based credit and debit card system in the United States.

The key element of EMV involves using dynamic digital data in every transaction, greatly increasing security and reducing the risk of fraud. ChargeItPro’s integrated EMV solution makes it easy to accept all payments, including chip-cards, right from your POS or business management payment screen.

How it works:

Check out this quick transaction:


Using ChargeItPro’s integrated EMV hardware makes the process quick and seamless. To complete an EMV transaction:

  1. If the customer swipes the card, and the terminal recognizes that the card is an EMV card, it will alert the customer.
  2. The terminal prompts the customer to dip the card (place the card into the EMV card reader slot) until the transaction is complete.
  3. The customer will follow the prompts displayed on the terminal.
  4. The customer will complete the transaction by signing the receipt or entering their PIN, as prompted.


ChargeItPro’s EMV solution is:


ChargeItPro’s EMV solution is not only reliable and secure—it’s also fast. Industry research shows some payment processors take up to 30 seconds per EMV transaction, while we average only 8-12 seconds.


Protect cardholder data with ChargeItPro’s secure EMV chip card technology.


Accept EMV credit and debit transactions, as well as magnetic stripe cards, on the same EMV-enabled terminal

Top-Notch Customer Care

ChargeItPro puts your needs first—with live, one-on-one US-based phone support, friendly and knowledgeable expertise, and unparalleled responsiveness to your every question and need.

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