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We recommend daily batch closures and daily reconciliation between your point-of-sale or business management system, Gravity Payments, and your online banking reporting system. If you do encounter a discrepancy, please be sure to review your Gravity Payments reports or your transaction receipts. Please be aware of any Payment Transaction System (PTS) edits, which can also cause discrepencies within your deposits. PTS edits occur when a transaction is pulled into review due to unusual behvior. It can take up to 24-48 hours for the transaction in question to be reviewed and for the funds to be released.

A transaction may get flagged for review if you ran a return that is: larger than usual, on a different credit card than the original sale, or for a partial amount. If, after reviewing these possibilities, there is still a discrepancy between your deposits and the Gravity Payments reports, then we may need to verify your account settings. Please give our Support team a call at 800.989.2135.

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