Easy to implement

1: Import or add cards to an account

Setup is simple and we help you every step of the way.

2: Store and print cards

You can use our preferred card printing partner or your own.

3: Add value to the cards

Value can be added either at run time, or at the POS.

4: Customers redeem value

Customers can redeem part or all of value at the POS during sale.

5: We store and track values for you


Easily integrated

Gift card configuration is saved along with normal credit card settings. There’s no need to save a separate configuration.

Fits your needs

Import existing gift cards, create new cards, or both.

Convenient reporting

Gift Card reports are integrated into our Merchant Portal.

Take it for a spin

Gift Redeem

This will deduct value from a gift card.

Effortless for your customers

Gift card transactions are just as easy and convenient as our normal credit card transactions

Run a transaction

Save/print results