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Gravity Payments

ChargeItPro provides innovative payment solutions that enable software developers to seamlessly integrate credit card processing into their software.

Gravity Payments helps independent business owners eliminate the headaches and hidden costs of accepting credit cards by offering industry leading support and simple payment solutions.

How does ChargeItPro and Gravity Payments create a seamless payment process?

Typical payment process

Gravity Payments + ChargeItPro®
integrated payment process.

Less hassle.

Less time.

Better Experience.

How can I use the integration?

Please reach out to ChargeItPro at (800) 989-2135 with any questions about how you can seamlessly integrate payments.

To learn more about Gravity Payments, please visit

Why ChargeItPro?

Drawing on over 50 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in payment integration solutions to provide a simple and streamlined payment experience. From the customers we serve, to the people we employ, our goal is to make life a little better for everyone we come in contact with.