Frequently Asked Questions

Card Acceptance Best Practices

When you choose to accept credit cards at your business, there are a few best practices to be aware of:

  • Encourage card payments through the EMV reader; EMV card present sales are the most secure way to process a transaction
  • Always attempt to verify the cardholder’s identiy to ensure protection from fraudulent activity
  • When processing card not present transactions, ensure the billing zip code and shipping zip code match
  • If processing recurring payments, it is recommended to establish a written agreement with your customer, approving the charges

Widely used throughout the world, EMV is the global standard for secure transactions, which is replacing all swipe-based credit and debit card systems in the United States. The key element of EMV involves using dynamic digital data in every transaction, greatly increasing security and reducing the risk of fraud. Gravity’s integrated EMV solution makes it easy to accept all payments, including chip cards, right from your POS or business management payment software.

How does it work? Check out this quick transaction:

Using Gravity’s integrated EMV hardware makes the process quick and seamless. To complete an EMV transaction: If the customer swipes the card, and the terminal recognizes that the card is EMV capable, it will alert the customer. The terminal prompts the customer to insert the chip into the EMV chip slot until the transaction is complete.

The customer will follow the prompts displayed on the terminal. The customer will complete the transaction by signing the receipt or entering their PIN, as prompted. Fast- Gravity’s EMV solution is not only reliable and secure—it’s also fast. Industry research shows some payment processors take up to 30 seconds per EMV transaction, while we average only 8-12 seconds. Secure- Protect cardholder data with Gravity’s secure EMV chip card technology. Versatile- Accept EMV credit and debit transactions, as well as magnetic stripe cards, on the same EMV-enabled terminal.

Superior Customer Service- Gravity Payments puts your needs first—with live, one-on-one US-based phone support, friendly and knowledgeable expertise, and unparalleled responsiveness to your every question and need. For more information on EMV, check out the FAQ, uncover the Facts vs. Fiction, watch the video.

Interested in learning more about payment applications like ApplePay, Google Wallet, and others? Near field communication, also known as NFC or contactless payments allow consumers to store their credit or debit card details securely in digital format. They can then select a card from their smartphone or tablet for in-store, in-app, or eCommerce purchases. By enabling NFC payments, your business can provide a fast and secure way for customers to pay at the register without digging through their wallets for various credit cards. For more information on NFC, please reach out to our Technical Support team at 800.989.2135 for assitance.


Cardholders have the right to dispute any transaction they do not recognize or believe was done in error. The most common claims for chargebacks are: incorrect payment amount was charged to the cardholder, the cardholder’s item was not received, or the items or services received by the cardholder were not as described. When a cardholder disputes a charge for any reason, this is known as a chargeback. The chargeback system and process are run by the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.)–they make all decisions concerning chargebacks. If you do receive a chargeback, each card brand has their own process, so be sure to follow their instructions closely. It is common for chargeback notifications to be mailed in nondescript envelopes.

If you receive a chargeback notification in the mail, please respond as quickly as possible. There are often limitations imposed and if the response date has passed, you may be left with little recourse. If you believe your business will be liable for a high number of chargebacks, please reach out to our Support team regarding our chargeback management tool, Dispute Manager.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in opening an account, please call our office at 800.989.2135 and ask for Sales. We’re happy to welcome you aboard!

After submitting your Merchant Worksheet, Gravity Payments will prepare your application and return it to you for signature confirmation. Once signed, your application will be submitted for approval—typically the account approval process takes 24-48 hours, pending any additional information. In the meantime, your Account Manager will process your hardware order and schedule your install. Once your account is approved, any equipment needed will ship within 48-72 hours.

Depending upon your needs, Gravity Payments is able to offer payment solutions that are compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. If you choose to use a product that requires a PC platform, Gravity Payments recommends that you use up-to-date Antivirus software. Please note: Windows XP, Vista, and Windows Server 2003 are no longer supported by Microsoft, and therefore, no longer compatible with Gravity Payments.

Managing My Account

To make any changes to your account, such as bank changes and address changes, please call our office at 800.989.2135 and ask for Operations.

Please reach out to your sales rep, if you are unsure of who this is, please call us at 800.989.2135 and we can direct you to the correct person.

Statements are mailed out at the beginning of each month, and usually take 5-7 business days to arrive. You can expect all fees to be debited from your account within the first few days of each month. All fees debited will reflect your previous month’s worth of processing. If you prefer to have statements mailed to a different address, please call our Technical Support team at 800.989.2135.

Privacy, Security, and Compliance

At Gravity Payments, we understand the importance of application and data security in protecting your customers, and your business. Achieving PCI compliance is a critical step in meeting your obligations to protect your customers and their information. There are two types of PCI security standards you’ll want to be aware of: PCI PA-DSS (Responsibility of the software vendor) Gravity Payments offers applications and products that are PCI PA-DSS compliant. You can check our compliancy validation and learn more at the PCI Security Standards Council Website.

PCI DSS (Responsibility of the merchant) Achieving PCI-DSS compliance is the responsibility of every merchant who accepts credit and debit cards—it ensures that you are doing everything you can to safeguard your customers’ card data and that your business meets specific internal security requirements. The support team at Gravity Payments can point you in the right direction, but because it is a validation of the security of your own systems, merchants are responsible for achieving their own PCI-DSS compliance. Have questions? If you need help getting started, or if you have any questions on achieving PCI compliance, Gravity Payments representatives are standing by to help. For more information, please give us a call at 800.989.2135.

Technical Troubleshooting

Merchant Portal Go to and login. Click on the “Reports” section on the left panel of the screen. You can use the filters to specify which transactions to view. When viewing a transaction report, click on the printer icon on the top-right corner of the page near the locations drop-down. This will open a PDF that you can print. Merchant Console (Gateway) Go to and login.

Go to the “Batches” page. Under the batch dropdown, select the day you wish to print a report for and click “View”. Click the “Print” button. ChargeItPro Client Click on the “Current Batch” tab to view transactions in the currently open batch, or click on “Closed Batches” to view transactions older than the currently open batch. Set the filters for how you want the transactions to display. You can select a 40 column report for a report that fits on receipt printer paper, or an 80 column report for a report that fits on normal printer paper. Click print/view to preview the report, and click the printer icon on the top-left corner of the page to print the report.

To maintain efficiency, please make sure to have the following on-hand when you call into our Technical Support team: Merchant Id numer, passwords for all anitvirus software, and admin passwords (if applicable), any error codes that you may have encountered. Additionally, please confirm the following prior to your call: internet connection is working, and all devices are plugged into a power source.

Industry standards do stipulate that banks have up to 30 days to deposit a return to a customer’s bank account. On average a return usually takes 3-5 business days to deposit into a customer’s bank account. If a return takes longer than 3-5 business days to deposit, please ask the customer to reach out to their bank to confirm a pending transaction. If the bank confirms there are no pending transaction, plese reach out to our Technical Support team for assitance.

An emergency Technical Support Representative is on-call 24/7 and can be reached at 800.989.2135. Our regular business hours are Monday-Friday: 6:00AM – 6:30PM MST and Saturday: 7:00AM – 3:30 PM MST.

We recommend daily batch closures and daily reconciliation between your point-of-sale or business management system, Gravity Payments, and your online banking reporting system. If you do encounter a discrepancy, please be sure to review your Gravity Payments reports or your transaction receipts. Please be aware of any Payment Transaction System (PTS) edits, which can also cause discrepencies within your deposits. PTS edits occur when a transaction is pulled into review due to unusual behvior. It can take up to 24-48 hours for the transaction in question to be reviewed and for the funds to be released.

A transaction may get flagged for review if you ran a return that is: larger than usual, on a different credit card than the original sale, or for a partial amount. If, after reviewing these possibilities, there is still a discrepancy between your deposits and the Gravity Payments reports, then we may need to verify your account settings. Please give our Support team a call at 800.989.2135.

If your internet or computer go down, you will need to take a manual payment via voice authorization. Please refer to this guide for a walkthrough on how to correctly process a manual payment.

To reset your password: Gravity Payments Client: Call Gravity Payments at 800.989.2135, and ask to speak with someone from our Technical Support department. If you need to run a report, run a transaction outside the point-of-sale, or close a batch, you can still perform all of these actions with the default username and password of “cashier”. Merchant Console (Gateway): Click “Forgot Password?” and follow the on-screen instructions. Merchant Portal: Click “Forgot Password” and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need assistance updating your password, call Gravity Payments at 800.989.2135 and ask for Technical Support.

Not all devices support image display. Please review the confirmed devices that are able to display your company logo: D210, PAX s300, PAX PX5, PAX PX7. Please follow this guide for instructions on how to upload your logo to your device.

A pending transaction are transactions that have been sucessfully processed, but not yet posted to your bank account. There are a few uncommon scenarios that will result in pending transactions. One of the most common scenarios is when an unusally large transaction is processed, which may result in a temporary hold due to risk review. In this instance, you may be contacted to confirm additional information, such as, bank statements, transaction documentation, etc. In some cases, pending transactions can affect your customers. If a customer calls in inquiring about a pending transaction, please feel free to send them this document to help provide some clarity on the issue.

Your statements are usually sent to the corporate address specified on your Merchant Worksheet prior to signing your Gravity Payments application. You can also confirm your mailing address on your monthly statement in the upper left-hand corner.

You can locate your Merchant ID (MID) number on your post install follow-up email or in the top left hand corner of your merchant statement. If you have any issues, feel free to reach out to our Support Team at 800-989-2135 and we would be happy to provide you with your MID.

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