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Multiple interfaces. OS and platform agnostic. Out of scope. Our latest and greatest payment integration.

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Watch your business grow automatically

Expand the capability of your software by enabling your users to accept payments through our fast and easy payment integration. We work with our partners to build a customized strategy providing them effortless rapid revenue growth.

Partner with us
Partner with us
ChargeItPro Documentation
For Developers

Fast and efficient full‑service integrations

Our unique 5-step process makes integrating payments as efficient as possible. To learn more about our payment integration, check out our Developer Documentation.

ChargeItPro Documentation
ChargeItPro + Gravity Payments ChargeItPro + Gravity Payments

The best of both worlds, now working together

ChargeItPro and Gravity Payments have joined forces to bring you cutting-edge payment software technology, backed by old-fashioned human support.

For Merchants

Accept payments effortlessly

Eliminating the need to manually reconcile and re-enter credit card payment information makes the tall task of running a business a little bit easier.

  • Automate reporting of transactions and batches
  • Eliminate errors caused by re-entering transaction data
  • Save time and remove unnecessary processes

Existing merchants

Welcome back! If you're looking for our 24/7 support, please call 800.989.2135 or visit our support page for additional options. To log in to Merchant Portal, please visit our login page.

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Turn your software into a time-saving machine.

From our Partners

"They have been a fantastic partner for my company and a wonderful resource for my customers. From their systems to their support, we have been very pleased with our experience. As a result, we are happy to be able to recommend them for all our customers."

– Brian Urban – CounselEAR President